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the DEXxready.ethis ON

Limited to 200,000 BETTER's amount is available in XREADY.ETH


Any user can send ETHs directly  to the  XREADY.ETH to buy Bettercoin and try this technology.

You can do it on the Metamask where you want to receive your Bettercoins to make transactions for testing.

XREADY DEX is a platform to test Bettercoin, not to profit, thus XREADY offers to buy your BetterCash at 90% discount of BETTER price and a maximum of 0.1 BetterCash is accepted.

This parameters are defined for testing purposes in real conditions at the Ethereum Mainnet.

The idea behind this DEX policy is to provide a 10:1 ratio between buying and selling procedures allows up to 200,000 users who buy and sell 0.1 BETTER to know the DEX mechanisms under real conditions for testing purposes. 


BY YOURSELF: No fees are charged to a direct transaction.

It is easy to buy or sell unlimited BETTER directly from an owner to a buyer or their customer.

PERSONALIZED: 15% fee charged by Delagate transaction.

Through a Bettercoin Delegate, you can buy or sell an unlimited amount of BETTERs as part of the Sales Delegate system. The Delegate's commission is 15% while the seller is reimbursed 15% in BETTERs.

AUTOMATED: Fee depending on each DEX policy.

A limited amount of BETTER is available for purchase on any DEX that includes the sale of Bettercoin. You may also sell your BETTERs through the DEX, subject to its ETH handling policy.

To buy BETTERs to DEX XREADY follow these instructions:

1.   Take your Metamask, click on ETH and click on Send. After type the address xready.eth you will see:

Dex Xready.eth


2.   Click on Dex Xready.eth, click on I UNDERSTAND and type the amount of ETH you want to swap for Bettercoin.

3.   Click on Next and Confirm. 

To sell BETTERs to DEX XREADY follow these instructions:

There is a limited quantity of ETHs available for exchanging by BETTERs at DEX Xready.eth

1.   Take your Metamask, convert BETTER to BetterCash and click on Send. After, type the address xready.eth and you will see:

Dex Xready.eth


2.   Click on Dex Xready.eth,, click on I UNDERSTAND and type in the amount of BetterCash you want to swap to ETH.

3.   Click on Next and Confirm. 

4.   You will receive an offer from the DEX in the token XREADY. This represents the amount of ETH you will receive on acceptance.

5.   YOU CAN ACCEPT OR REFUSE THIS AUTOMATED OFFER. To accept, send all XREADY tokens to DEX xready.eth and receive the ETHs offered, or refuse by sending 0 XREADY token to DEX xready.eth.

Before selling your BETTERs to any DEX, convert them to BetterCash. You should always review the dynamic conditions such as maximum BETTER quantity and maximum ETH policy offered in each DEX, subject to ETHs availability. You can find the DEX´s contract number (Resolved Address) at searching the DEX´s ENS, like "Xready.eth" for XREADY DEX



Xready.eth   Address is an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) that replace the long (0x....) numbers of a wallet's addresses. It is the first DEX for any users that wants to buy a limited quantity of Bettercoin.

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The DEX xready.eth current conditions are the following:

1. Maximum BetterCash received limited by the maximum transferable BetterCash USD: 0.1

2. Maximum ETH offered: 10% of current ETH price for testing purposes only.


3. ETH availability: informed at

    DEX Address: 0xb3b8B20952E7f9b8512683Cf0aeD97EEf19af4C3

Bettercoin Decentralized Exchange

Automated xDEX.eth is a decentralized exchange available at Metamask to make easy trades between compatible Smartcoins and Ether cryptocurrencies. It allows to receive ETHs for Smartcoins and viceversa, through an automatic purchase offer mechanisms, detailed in each DEX policies.

You will need to import the Bettercoin tokens to your Metamask from the Bettercoin site  at  "Import to Metamask >" and the DEX token.

XREADY.ETH token to be imported: 


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