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Transactional intelligence factory

At Coinware, our dedication lies in developing innovative solutions that amplify the impact and breadth of our clients' industries through pioneering technologies. Since 2022, we've been at the forefront of Web3 business development, specializing in the design of asynchronous algorithms tailored for the inception of intelligent cryptocurrencies, which we proudly term Smartcoins.

The First Smart cryptocurrency

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We don’t trade cryptocurrencies, we make them ...

… to build their own web3 ecosystem

Coinware Company is a technology firm specializing in blockchain and Web3 business development. Since its inception in 2022, Coinware has been focused on creating innovative solutions for the cryptocurrency industry, notably through the development of "Smartcoins," which are intelligent cryptocurrencies that incorporate transactional intelligence and advanced security features.

Bettercoin, a project under Coinware, is touted as the first Smartcoin. It leverages advanced algorithms and blockchain technology to facilitate secure and efficient transactions. Some of the key features of Bettercoin include a double transaction system that ensures payments are only processed once both parties confirm the transaction, enhancing security and reducing errors.

Coinware also offers various services related to Web3 technology, such as tokenization of assets, creating decentralized applications (dApps), and developing custom blockchain ecosystems for enterprises. Their aim is to streamline business processes and introduce more efficient and secure methods of handling digital transactions.

Operational model

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We develop robust private systems on the Ethereum blockchain tailored for enterprises. Our expertise includes software engineering, strategic business acumen and AI, to build complete Web3 ecosystems to tokenize processes, products and services, real estate assets, startup collateral, and a variety of unique assets using Transactional Intelligence embedded tokens for innovative corporate applications.

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Companies start to create their own cryptocurrencies

In the United States, companies leverage their assets by creating proprietary cryptocurrencies. These digital tokens serve various purposes, such as powering marketing campaigns, boosting customer loyalty, driving sales, streamlining financing, and implementing decentralized business controls. These tokens possess a distinct identity and may optionally be exchanged for another cryptocurrency.

Just like Cryptocurrencies, Smartcoins are decentralized, secure, anonymous and global, like Bitcoin or Ether.
Smartcoin concept is that it adds counterparty binding and transactional intelligence, which improves the transparency between unknown parties involved on a transaction.


The first


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Crypto initiatives from leading brands

Web3 has the potential to revolutionize the entire internet landscape by decentralizing processes and seamlessly integrating data and financial transactions, a concept previously unexplored. This heralds a new era of synergies between information technology and finance in nearly all its manifestations. Major corporations are now actively engaging in the cryptoEconomy, employing diverse approaches. This involvement includes establishing business consortiums with private blockchain networks, participating in transactions involving bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies, or even creating their own tokens. Despite the challenges of the crypto winter, or perhaps because of it, the year 2022 has proven to be transformative. New entrants, spanning various Web3 domains, have emerged alongside the advent of new decentralized applications (dApps), significant investments from major players, and the initiation of anticipated regulatory frameworks by influential countries.

New initiatives, new leaders


Zebred is an experimental wallet to wallet secure loan crypto platform minted by Coinware, currently algorithms testing, to promote an offer of negative interest rates to trustworthy Web3 customers inside metaverse.


Bettercoin, a BECO_labs cryptocurrency initiative, is going to be minted by Coinware through dual wrapped and double transaction algorithms.The third party delegation system is purely wallet-to-wallet; this means that the owner can authorize any other wallet to sell on his behalf the amount of BETTER he chooses. This feature extends the liquidity coverage, increasing the ability to sell beyond web2 Exchangers.This our newest smart cryptocurrency challenge

What we do

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We design Web3 ecosystems featuring a variety of tokens, including seamless interaction with leading cryptocurrencies. These tokens are integrated into customized algorithms tailored to meet the specific objectives outlined by the client.

Our business model simplifies the entry of our customers into the captivating realm of Web3 business. We achieve this through a novel approach of flexible commercial offerings, aligning with the dynamic nature of the Web3 landscape.

Volatility between cryptocurrencies

Taking a long-term perspective, we observe a significant and consistent appreciation of the two primary cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ether. While high speculations may grab attention, removing them from the equation reveals a sustained and gradual increase in value.

The volatility among cryptocurrencies is minimal, presenting an intriguing aspect to consider as adoption grows. While conventional thinking often revolves around the flow between traditional and crypto economies, it's worthwhile to assess that a portion of the investment portfolio remains within the cryptoEconomy. This serves as a reserve for potential future utilization within the realm of crypto trading.

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