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We are thinking towards 2030

At CoinWare, we believe that disruptions are inherently positive because they feed the soul of knowledge.



Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Creator of Transactional Intelligence

MiT PE Program Blockchain Disruption

President of Observing One

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Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer

Co-Creator of Transactional Intelligence

Senior Haskell, JS, Rust, Sol & C++ Developer

Web3 Entrepreneur



Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Co-Creator of Transactional Intelligence

MiT Sloan School Blockchain Technology BIAA

MiM GE -Strategic Management, HEC Paris




Strategic Advisor

MiT Guest Professor
PhD in Artificial Intelligence

University of Edinburgh, UK

Acerca de: Nuestro equipo
Image by Radowan Nakif Rehan

CWr Infrastructure

CWr Web3 Extend Technology Package

CWr Multi-Wrapped Algorithm Lib Dev

CWr Smartcoin System Serverware

CWr Blockchain TimeSlot Container

Equipo de musica

BECOLabs & SmartBlock

Initiatives to promote the adoption of blockchain technology focused on Transactional Intelligence, Tokenization Using Smartcoin and all types of Smart Cryptocurrencies.

Our vision

We see the convergence of blockchain technology and the global expansion markets, where personal, small and corporate businesses will transact worldwide with easy, security, low cost transaction and integrated offering. 

The new generation of intelligent currencies, like the smartcoins are the first step, followed by the development of Web3 technologies, AI, IOT, Metaverse and probably others, focused in optimizing personal, small and corporate control transactions and availability of retail offers. This will revolutionize the relationship with customers and employees, favor growth and provide global coverage of products and services. Finally, we hope this will increase economic activity which should operate in a new equilibrium, where banking and regulation will play a relevant role of moderator, giving way to an automated influence on prices based on global demands, precisely because they are not part of the real economy, but means for economic agents to define their agreements.


What moves us

The next startups will have a core with new technological alloys and will again change the rules of the game in the near future. We want to think that we will be able to adapt; for now we know that Web3 business will push the horizon and that evolution is a continuous and challenging change of paradigms, so we are determined together with our collaborators that we will be an important part of the growth of business from web2 to web3.

Image by Azzedine Rouichi
Image by Austin Distel

We are committed to the MiT teachers, so we adhere to excellence, meritocracy, courage, humility, humanity, curiosity and passion for what we want to contribute.

"Make it happen" and "Let's make it happen" sound similar but are significantly different.

Image by Michael Dziedzic
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