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Bettercoin minting initiatives

Exciting announcements are coming in the next few months as the future of Bettercoin mining holds limitless potential. We want to ensure everyone has BETTER in their wallets, whether mined, received in Airdrops or shared through gifts and donations, traded, swapping or purchased. Everything will be fine.

Progress to get started of Xdonation.eth

The Xdonation.eth initiative is a protocol designed to mint Bettercoin by generating networks of users that support charities around the world, to intensify the culture of collaborating with each other by extending the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Progress to get started of Xbetter.eth

The Xbetter.eth initiative is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that will allow users to exchange Bettercoin and Ether, extending the adoption of smart cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network.

Progress to get started of Xwinner.eth

The Xwinner.eth initiative is a protocol designed to mint Bettercoin by supporting the dissemination of Smartcoin technology through social networks and other media, in such a way that mining benefits at least 2 wallets simultaneously among those actively mining Bettercoin: "I win and I make you win".

We suggest you to download test tokens and practice double transaction function on the Goerli and Sepolia test networks"

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