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Bettercoin current information documents
The latest version of all documents with accurate information about Bettercoin technology in PDF format is available to any user. Each document has a unique hash to certify that it is official and was written by the Bettercoin team.
Coinware Company may make partial or complete changes without notice to any document published herein, which will always be for the benefit of users and may be made at any time and any language, with the English written meaning prevailing. If in doubt, you may check the validity and currency of any document by comparing the hash provided in the document with the current document hash published here.

If you find any concept confusing, incomplete or in your opinion poorly explained in your language, please inform us at the Bettercoin team email:
Official logos
Copia de Logo Bettercoin verde.png
Copia de logo oficial YellowLogoHorizontalCaps.png
logo Bettercoin fondo dorado.png
logo oficial GreenLogoHorizontalCaps.png
Copia de GreenLogoWithoutBG.png
Logo OFICIALGreenLogoHorizontalCapsNOBG.png
logo YellowLogoWithoutBGsmall.png
logo oficial YellowLogoHorizontalCapsNOBG.png
Was the first BETTER logo
Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-02 a la(s) 12.38.14.png
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