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CWr Extend Technology

Double Transaction System

Welcome to CoinWare Company's CWr technology. We are excited about the blockchain industry, which is starting to make a great contribution to business innovation. Our technology manages to ensure that the sending of a cryptocurrency is delivered to the receiver once the receiver has confirmed the corresponding payment and not before, providing certainty to the sender and also avoiding transaction errors to unknown wallets and increasing security for wallet theft.

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The sender sends a token to the receiver, which can be a digital asset or a representation of a service provided by the sender, and wants to ensure that the receiver pays or responds in the way the sender expects, such as being paid for sending a tokenized asset. A Coinware smartcoin accomplishes this efficiently, quickly, is cheaper, secure and maintains confidentiality. So, the sender sends a token, CWr-PAY notifies the receiver in a payment order form, the receiver accepts it, proceeds to pay using his private key and finally the CWr-PAY makes the exchange, sending each other's token. In case of partial payment, the automatic consolidation algorithm is activated.

D2S and S2D Transaction Conversion System

This feature allows for conversion between double and single transactions in both directions. It has numerous applications in various aspects of cryptocurrency transactions, such as wrapping one token within another for transfer using advanced methods, enhancing token capabilities, conducting multiple transactions at once, among others.

Tecnología CWr: Bienvenidos

Smartcoin Whitepaper

Submitted to MIT, Boston may 15, 2022

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CWr Smartcoin Serverware

MultiToken sync

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Tecnología CWr: Quiénes somos

CWr Dual Wrapped Algorithm

Hawk and KECCAK-256

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Tecnología CWr: Lista

Smartcoin access balance

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Smartcoin complementary technology

CWr Smartwallet

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