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Bettercoin's price follows the most bullish or least bearish trend of Bitcoin and Ether, capturing the daily spreads automatically.

Sat Jun 15 2024

Year to date in USD

BTC  +55.32%

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ETH  +35.73%


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BETTER's current price

0.002807 ETH

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4.58 USD

Equivalent to


Internet democratized information, blockchain is democratizing trust


Delegates adoption model

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User-based transactional liquidity approach: 

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Current fall resistance: 

Current drawdown in the period below:

- 18.51%

- 8.83%

- 23.15%

Bettercoin price chart in USD since launch:

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YTD chart is being constructed

Please note that this price is for reference through ETH:USD parity.

Complementary information

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Discover Bettercoin's details in 7 steps

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Smartcoin is a new cryptocurrency concept  with transactional intelligence abilities

Delegate subscription

Bettercoin is a Web3 suite designed for swaps exclusively between user wallets.  

From the begining
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From the beginning Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies can be transferred directly between two wallets (P2P) to make transactions (eventually payment), but rely on institutions to intermediate between buyers and sellers for transactions to take place between unknown parties.

This aggregators of supply and demand are the Centralized Exchanges (CEX), institutions where the market places the trust that transactions will take place (settlement and reconciliation) once accepted by both parties, faster and easy way transferring value and assets from party to party, service for which they charge a fee.

Lack of regulation brought perverse incentives for corruption, along with intrinsic web pages cybersecurity vulnerabilities has all of cryptocurrency industry in question.

A new generation of cryptocurrencies, which we named “Smartcoins” arrives mainly to transfer trust from institutions to the currency itself, relying in its own capacity to ensure transactional effectiveness, both for those who pay and receive digital assets in order to expand coverage and security for the digital assets adoption.

This type of cryptocurrency are oriented to be traded only by other cryptocurrencies, establishing a new analytical potential to define their own identity of use, making interesting functional decisions and transforming the money itself into the one who demands the conditions of compliance between the parties.


The Smartcoin can even resist or condition transactions, which can be a great thing in case of irregularities, protecting the value of users' assets.

Worldwide launch

The launch price was 0.001 ETH at December 26th, 2022

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The initial supply consisted of 2 billion Bettercoins allocated for adoption programs. The first circulating supply was 20,000,000 BETTERs, equivalent to USD 24,016,000 at the initial price of 0.001 ETH, which was equivalent to USD 1.2008 on Dec 26th, 2022.

Bettercoin has a limited maximum supply of 952 billion Bettercoins of which 950 billions are dedicated exclusively to be minted by users while transacting.

Bettercoin has not conducted an ICO, as it is oriented towards users without distinction worldwide, providing an opportunity for massive adoption.

Underlying principles of Bettercoin design 

Automated price

The price of BETTER is expressed through its parity with ETH, which evolves through the Dual Wrapped high-frequency algorithm that optimizes the arbitrage between Bitcoin and Ether

Bettercoin cryptocurrency can understand every transaction made with it, establishing a parity solely with Ether (ETH), ensuring its payment by exchanging it through the CWr Extend dual transaction system, and deploying its own "identity", consisting of Bitcoin and Ether volatility analytics and transacted volume, to get its parity with ETH. This "virtual arbitrage" capability is an efficient way to automatically move between variations of the two major cryptocurrencies in the market, considering traded volume.

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Wallet to Wallet

W2W (Wallet-to-Wallet) is an evolution of P2P that retains the virtues of decentralized transactions without intermediaries and adds the capability of multiple interactions between wallets, enabling a user to always maintain control over their digital assets.

Its enables seamless transfers of Bettercoin between individuals, even with strangers, while maintaining complete control of ownership and eliminating the risk of third-party manipulation. This innovative system significantly enhances the opportunities for transactions by enabling settlement and reconciliation automatically. Moreover, parties involved in the transaction are no longer bound by the requirement of simultaneous execution, providing greater flexibility, due W2W establishes a predetermined timeframe for the division between ownership and control of the asset, this timeframe can be extended by the owner as they desire.

Bettercoin introduces an extended version of W2W called W2W2W, which allows for the involvement of a third-party wallet in managing a transaction, known as a delegated sale. However, this delegation does not grant any authority to influence the price or impact ownership. Instead, the third wallet serves as a limited intermediary solely responsible for facilitating the exchange's communication between the owner and the buyer.

To ensure clarity and avoid confusion in the face of multiple transactions, it is a crucial requirement that the buyer does not have any pending transactions when engaging in a purchase. This condition helps maintain transparency and streamlines the secure transaction process.

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Transactional intelligence

Bettercoin exhibits exceptional behavior through the utilization of a sophisticated system comprising various functionalities to enhance security, streamline transactions and enable efficient pricing, creating a robust and reliable platform for users.

Bettercoin's intelligence is embedded within the Ethereum network, building upon the ERC20 protocol with an advanced evolution. This enhanced protocol incorporates a range of exceptional functionalities that ensure secure payments during transactions involving the absence of trust between the two parties.

One notable feature is the unique automatic virtual arbitrage index that exists between Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). This mechanism facilitates seamless and efficient exchanges between these two cryptocurrencies, enabling users to leverage market opportunities.

Additionally, Bettercoin introduces the capability to settle transactions in BETTERs while minimizing GAS spending through automatic mining. This feature optimizes the utilization of network resources and reduces transaction costs.

Moreover, Bettercoin incorporates several other security measures to safeguard user assets. These measures work collectively to protect against potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Overall, Bettercoin's integration with the Ethereum network and its advanced functionalities provide users with enhanced security, efficient arbitrage capabilities and reduced transaction costs, creating a robust ecosystem for secure and seamless transactions.

Web3 Only

Web3 Only concept allows all transactions to be executed solely within the blockchain without any websites interaction, providing the highest level of security for digital assets.

The Owner of BETTERs has the flexibility to transfer their tokens directly to the recipient's wallet or Delegate the transfer through a sales delegation. When opting for delegation, the Delegate earns a commission in ETH and BETTER, which forms a part of the total amount paid by the Buyer. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals or companies engaged in frequent trading, as it eliminates the need for direct communication and saves time in each transaction.

The Buyer initiates the purchase from their wallet sending ETH to PayForBetter.eth platform, no directly to Owner or Delegate. The Buyer pays the GAS fees of the Ethereum network, without any additional commission, whithout offset in BETTER. Importantly, the Buyer is unaware of whether they are purchasing Bettercoin through a direct sale or a delegated sale, as the price remains the same.

In Web3-Only concept the payments are controlled by the automated platform PayForBetter.eth, who send directly to the owner's wallet 100% of ETH in case of direct sale, or 95% in ETH and 5% in BETTER in case of delegated sale. The Delegate's fee is directly credited to their wallet, consisting of 4% in ETH and 1% in BETTER. The remaining 1% in ETH is the benefit's developers. This entire process occurs exclusively between wallets, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction experience avoiding the cybersecurity risks of web sites used to facilitate transactions between users.

Bettercoin's ecosystem is linked to cryptoeconomy as a whole within an automation technology framework, based on the pioneering principles of transactional intelligence.

Tokens that need to be imported into the user's wallet

When downloading the Metamask wallet only the ETH token is always present, so it is necessary to import Bettercoin tokens. This is done in the "Import Metamask >" tab.

  • BETTER is the cryptocurrency token 

  • UNPAID token represents the BETTER received not paid yet (Credit token)

  • PAY token represents the cost to be pay by the BETTERs received (ETH_PAY named in wallet)


You must import at least the tokens BETTER, UNPAID and PAY to manage the Bettercoin you have, which is the subtraction of BETTER and UNPAID. You be able too to handle the PAY payment orders when you receive BETTERs.

  • PRICE token represents the price of 1 BETTER in ETH units (ETH_PRICE named in wallet).

  • BETTERCASH token represents the BETTERs available for transfer through a single transaction. BetterCash is transferred in a similar way to any traditional cryptocurrency using for payments. Any owner can convert their BETTERs to BETTERCASH in their wallet by sending themselves the amount of BETTERs they wish to convert. This is reversed by the user sending himself the BETTERCASH he wants to convert back to BETTER.


In Metamask wallet the ETH token is always present.

Basic setup includes information tokens to buy and sell Bettertoin from wallet to wallet using double transactions

Advanced setup includes information tokens to make additional operations using Bettercoin functions.

Double transaction system explained in detail

First transaction

To receive Bettercoin the wallet of Buyer or Delegate must not have a pending payment.


If the Owner chooses to sell directly, they will transfer the desired amount of BETTER to the Buyer's wallet using a double transaction slip. After that, the Owner will wait to receive payment in ETH.

In the Buyer's wallet there cannot be a transaction pending payment to receive BETTER.

Bettercoin transfer transaction automatically mints to the Buyer wallet a quantity of UNPAID that represents exactly the quantity of Bettercoins not paid yet, and also mints the token PAY that represents the total price in ETH to send to the valid address of Bettercoin for payments to the Owner.

First TXN.png

At this moment, the Buyer cannot transfer the amount of BETTER received, because they are blocked by the exactly same quantity of UNPAID

Second transaction

The Buyer has 10 minutes granted to make payment (additional period can be allowed by the owner off-chain). After 10 minutes the Owner can easily recover his Bettercoin sending 0 BETTER to the Buyer wallet. The Buyer can pay by sending ETH to  PayForBetter.eth  address (Bettercoin platform for payments) in the amount of PAY tokens informed in the Metamask of Buyer in proportion to the Bettercoin he received to buy. Partial payments are allowed with automatic settlement.

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If the Buyer does not want to buy, he can send 0 ETH_PAY to PayForBetter.eth to cancel the pay order received

Delegated sale function explained in detail

Any wallet that receives Bettercoin can act as Delegate.

The Owner transfers BETTER to the Delegate's wallet just as he would send them to a buyer to authorize to Delegate to sale this amount to a Buyer contacted by the Delegate. To become a Delegate it is not needed any register.

In the Delegate's wallet there cannot be a transaction pending payment to receive

The Delegate receives
BETTER, UNPAID and PAY tokens, like any Buyer wallet, but the Delegate cannot transfer the Bettercoin received because UNPAID information tokens makes explicit its credit condition. The purpose of the Delegate is to send the PAY tokens to a Buyer wallet, to make a sale of Bettercoin in name of the Owner.

The Delegate can only transfer all PAY tokens together to the Buyer's wallet, but the Buyer can decide to make a parcial pay, in which case the remaining BETTER will return to the Owner's wallet.

The 95% of the
ETH corresponding to the payment transaction will go directly to the wallet of the Owner and 5% of BETTER minted additionally.

The 4% will be delivered to the wallet of the Delegate and the remaining 1% of this is swapped by
BETTER automatically in the Delegate's wallet.

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The fee for Delegate will be a percentage of the amount in ETH actually transacted and will be transferred automatically without the Owner's intervention. This happens only after the payment is made, proportionally.

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